Sponsorship is safe and secure. View our Orphans, Widows and the Poor in need, and sponsor them with your gift of love for $30 per month. We are a registered Non-Profit 501(C)(3) Organization and your donations are tax deductible.

About Us

Though I am the President of We All Are One Ministry, Inc. it is the LORD who put this ministry together, HE is the Founder! Praise God! HE brought me many as HE told me HE would. HE blessed me with many Spiritual Sons and Daughters, mostly Pastors with ministries. I did not have Sons of my womb, but our love, compassion and respect for each other is God’s love! Amen! The vision was that HE joined us, as we welcome others in fellowship, love, compassion and encouragement.

I was very happy over the years to sponsor Orphans and Poor Children through World Vision, Compassion International, Cure and many other private ministries, but the LORD had bigger plans for me, though I never had a desire to do more than I was already doing, but HE knows best, and I feel so humble, honored and blessed that HE chose to use me! Hallelujah!

My Sons and Daughters and I have built relationships over the past couple years and when the LORD made it clear to me that this was HIS plan, my Sons were ready and willing to partnership together, all for the glory of God. Together we build on God’s Kingdom, we witness to the lost who don’t know Jesus Christ is our number one PRIORITY and through Evangelizing and Healing Crusades and helping to improve the lives of the Orphans, Widows and Poor.

The LORD has laid on our hearts that we are not beggars for them, because of our faith in Jesus, we pray and in faith we know that HE knows our hearts and their needs, so we know HE will provide in HIS perfect time. Sometimes we get down, sad and frustrated, because we are only human, because it is very sad when we see and know the needs which are many and we aren’t able to help them ourselves, but that is why HE brings us together in fellowship and for encouragement!

The vision HE has given to me is that as the bigger reach out programs, we must get individual pictures of the Orphans, Widows and Poor and post them on our website and facebook to request sponsorship each month, which will go a long way for their needs, because WE ARE SERVANTS OF GOD, there is no expenses of administrative or media. Through the blessings of the LORD, we tithe to this ministry and more as the LORD blesses us, the website costs, etc. but our tithes are not enough for the many many needs, so we ask you to partner with us and choose someone to sponsor. The other part of the vision is that the ministries come together, including the Orphans and Widows and not only fellowship, but to make things with their own hands, as making it for the LORD, in prayer and worshipping the LORD so that we have another form of getting money into the ministry to improve their lives, for example, they are making jewelry in Africa, full attire in India, scarfs/shawls in Pakistan, etc.

I also request that you keep my Sons and Daughters lifted in prayer as their love and committment to the LORD, brings them into remote parts of the Country, in the slumms, which can be very risky, dangerous and many of them have their own loved ones, they are leaving to do this work for the LORD. Our priority is to witness, evangelizing to all the lost who don’t know Jesus Christ, including Crusades and Healings through Jesus Christ.

We pray, that through the pictures and videos you will see God’s heart – HE so blessed me and my Sons with and that HE touches yours and that you would want to be a part of this ministry for the LORD’S, to build HIS kingdom, because WE ALL ARE ONE in the LORD and ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD! Amen!

Teresa Ann Meehan-Wiggins, Bride of Jesus Christ, Servant of God, and your Sister in Jesus Christ and Her Precious Son’s and Daughter’s, Servants and Soldiers of God’s Army!