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Help Build a Classroom Block at Kirombe Slum

BoSS Project Description: Access to Early Learning

“BoSS” short for Building of a Slum School, is a brainchild of Daystar Junior School located in Kirombe slum village, Nsambya Makindye Division of Kampala city Uganda. The school serves a catchment area of two huge slums; Kirombe and Katwe. The BoSS Project is designed to continue promoting early talents from an early age. The project contributes to National Development priority Goal #5 of Uganda’s Vision 2040 – Human Capital Development; in the aspect of increasing access to education. This project will contribute to the social and economic development of Uganda by developing young Ugandan artists into resourceful and productive citizens. If their children do not attain a good education, they will be hopeless and unable to compete on the global marketplace of ideas and jobs. WATCH VIDEO

Current Situation of the School


Why a School Block?

The objectives include:

1. Build a learning facility: a school block to house the learners.

2. Accommodate and Enroll more children into school to keep them out of the sex trade

3. Increase access to each childhood learning for slum kids especially girls.

Generally, the school will offer early childhood development services to by;

1. Identification of children from the poorest of the poor

2. Inspiring excellence in academics and extra curricular activities

3. Increasing student enrolment from 900 – 1000+ children

Impression Photo - Phase One

Construction Break Down

Total 1st Phase: $150,000

Site Setting and Tools = $3,472

Temporary Structures = $7,778

Basement Excavation = $10,175

Earthworks, Materials, Concrete and Machines = $58,041

First Floor and Suspended Ground Floor Slab = $21,941

Walls on Ground Floor and Basement = $9,056

Two Sets of Staircase and Ramp = $6,006

Second Floor Slab = $3,056

First Floor and Suspended Ground Floor Slab = $13,106

Walls on Ground Floor and Basement = $11,153

Columns = $6,216

Total Second Phase $129,578

Columns = $14,725

Beams = $38,073

Walls First Floor = $3,909

Plastering = $39,537

Terrazzo = $33,334

Total = $279,578

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Impression Photo - Phase Two