The Education Fund

Send A Child To School

We believe that in civilizations past and present education is a way out of the lifestyles of impoverishment. There are things over which we have no control, but to try and rise above those issues that is the goal. Turn it around is what the education fund is all about. Nothing would please us more than to see a child crippled by the loss of their parents now thrust into a world of adjunct poverty, become sponsored as one of our available children and then blessed by someone donating the funds to send that child to school each and every year and then the ultimate-go to college and become someone who helps those less fortunate just as they were once.

We also believe that those faithful Social Workers and Pastors who sacrifice their homes, time, energy and money to care for orphans deserve the blessing of education their own children and this program will feature some of their own children to bless them as well. We currently have available over 1200 orphans who need schooling. And we have 40 Pastors, Social Workers and the Ordained Clergy who are trusted and faithful leaders of our organization who do this as called of God and we pray for rewards for their sacrifice.

Gideon & Joseph Chrisman

Did you know that in many countries we serve what it costs to send a child to school? It might surprise you that with as little as $50 you can send a child to school for half a year. For a one time donation of $100 you can make a way for a child to go to school for an entire year with uniform, books and all.

College? It is possible.

Why? It costs about $400 US dollars to send a qualified young person to college a year! I don’t know about you but that really excites me. That is something we can do. We have several to choose from at the moment and maybe one of these children will ‘speak’ to you. Our candidates have been prescreened and demonstrate ability, skill, they have stable environments to make concentration possible and our college candidates they will have acceptance letters to the University that they will attend.

How do we change the world at “WAAOM”?
One child at a time.

Consider doing something LARGE with something small. We have the options of grade school, high school, after school and college sponsorships. When you donate name your child and/or type of program. We will send you an appropriate receipt and an update on their progress.